Why Vwin

Vwin, an ISO 9001 and winner of Best Personality Development Institute welcomes you

Vwin is known for its quality training and very effective training methodology. It cherishes the feedback of different successful students who came at Vwin with a dream to succeed as a good professional as well as human beings. Since its inception in 2006, Vwin is persevering in making the life easier and more meaningful for its students. It has earned many appreciations and recognitions in its endeavour, but again for us ** Sky is the Limit **.

V Win is winner of following awards :

Quality Education in IELTS , English Language, Personality Development in Delhi NCR Xel Research

Outstanding Achievement in Education Services (Personality Development and English Speaking ) in Delhi NCR : ABS Research

Best Institute for English Speaking , Personality Development in Ghaziabad: Times Research

Best Institute for English Speaking , Personality Development in Ghaziabad: Big Brands Research

What does Shashank Mishra say about Vwin

I went to several English speaking institutes, but when I told them that I am a Merchant Navy student and I am looking for advance English speaking course and personality development, they said that you really need good spoken English classes and they only told me to visit Vwin. Then only I went there. I filled up the form and after few seconds mam called me inside and told me, about my mistakes and gave me the microphone to speak to computer to check my expressions and pronunciation and suggested for 3 months course for English Speaking and Personality Development course.

So that from next day, I attended the classes regularly. I had so much fun, the class started with the grammar concepts and gradually included group discussions, presentations and role plays and many interesting group exercises. I realized that my way of talking, understanding improved with the help of Spoken English and Personality Development Course. I started becoming a gregarious person.

And friend I still remember my first two feedback in the institute where we have to rate the teachers on their knowledge and the way they are teaching. I gave 4 to 5 rating out of 5. After seeing my feedback the coordinator asked me whether I was learning and understanding each and every thing taught in English Speaking and Personality Development. I always responded that the training is really above my expectation.

And you know, All in my group were good friends of mine. The modern way of training on the personality development at Vwin helped us so much to understand many things about life, besides learning English. They taught us by showing several videos on importance of life, value of having some dreams to live and work over it and also several self-motivating videos. This really gave me new vision to see the new world with plenty of responsibilities around me and ability to find good qualities in others. And now really I think that if I had not joined the Vwin what would I have been. I and Vwin are like a family that gave me some good habits and also a new mindset. My self-confidence is increased. In the end I would like to say that this is the best institute for English speaking in Delhi,Noida,Ghaziabad as well as Best institute for personality development in Delhi NCR. Thanks

What does Mr Qasim Ali Khan say about Vwin

I joined V win on 17th November. I have learnt so many things. when I came here first time I did't think that I could learn more than expectation. Now, I can speak as well as write .Now after doing course at V Win, the hesitation has gone and confidence has increased.

Everyday sir taught us new things which were very important for me . Sir always encouraged and advised us for reading newspaper, speak in front of the mirror and speak with friends In English. When I was in a college every one spoke in English but I did't ,everyone laughed at me . When I speak in English now, everyone feels jealous.

When someone asks me where I have learnt English Speaking, I always recommend V win. I had joined so many institutes earlier,some are very known like A*******, B** etc. but I will only say that there is no comparison of V win. V win is the Best English Speaking institute in Delhi NCR.

What does Ms Shweta say about Vwin

Before joining V win, I used to be afraid to face people. Because for 6 year, I was not in touch of English. I used to speak that language while I was a student. but in last 6 year I had totally lost my confidence and I started to be afraid of speaking to anyone.

But when I joined V win English Speaking course , it filled a new enthusiasm in me. I found that my confidence level is getting increased day by day. The way sir teaches us, everyone thinks that he is connected with every individual. He provides us an atmosphere where everyone gets an opportunity to speak. He notices everyones' every mistake. He corrects all the mistakes. I am really surprised that how he can notice so many mistakes or I must say every mistake when we speak in GD or Presentation.

I am really very happy that I joined V Win. I have started to think again about my career because I feel my confidence has increased just because of V win.

What does Mr Sarvesh Kumar say about Vwin

I am Sarvesh kumar and I am a Sales man . I want to share my views with you about V win institute, and my experience here .When I joined V win ,I had already visited two other English speaking training centers –A**** English speaking Course at Navyug Market ,Ghaziabad and I******* in Sec 62, Noida .but I did not find them suitable for me . I did not find anything special and unique there for improving my English special skills.

Then I came to V win finally. I found different way of teaching and training here which I found the Best and totally suitable for me. I learnt a lot here about many important and useful factors that are very necessary for effective and fluent English.

Earlier I was unable to use proper Body language while Speaking. I did not know how to use proper facial expressions, gestures. I had no confidence to speak in front of the Persons who were more fluent then me. I used to feel fear, and hesitate.

Now I have gathered so much courage and confidence that I don't hesitate or fear, and now I don't get stuck while speaking in front of fluent English speakers . After attending V win personality Development classes, my body language, facial expressions and gestures are so improved that I feel I have become a good English speaker. Now I am confident to speak in front of anybody . now I also use body language with good facial expressions in speaking now my confidence level has been increased so well about which I did not believe before joining V win classes.

I am really grateful and thankful to V win for making me so confident and a good English speaker. V win is the top English speaking institute in Delhi NCR.

What does Lata Bhatiya say about Vwin

This institute is very good. I have learnt so many things here. Before joining this institute I was very weak in English but after joining the vwin I have improved my English speaking. Before joining Vwin my knowledge of English ,vocabulary spellings and also so many things about English were very less but now I feel that I have improved these things much.

Before attending Vwin I did not read news papers but now I read news papers daily and it has become habit, so the habit of reading news papers has come to me from Vwin.

Before attending vwin English Speaking and Personality Development classes, I had no appropiate time to finish my daily routine but after attending this institute I have become more confident , more positive, more sharing nature, more understanding . So many new things and not just only English speaking ; I have learnt here. Before attending this institute my dream of being a complete woman was incomplete but nowadays it seems that I am improving a lot. In the last I will say that my unfullfilled desire of being a mature lady is fullfilled by vwin institute.

What does Sonia Saini say about Vwin

I had an awesome experience in vwin. I found this place perfect for English learning. When I came here first day for my enrollment and I gave a test. On the basis of test sir told me where I need to improve. I found it very beneficial for me.

The syllabus is well organized, so we can cover easily vocabulary, writing part , presentation, group discussion also. I think all these are very useful for us. And I personally feel that I improved myself too much.

Sir is very gentle to everyone and he gives equal chance to everyone. There is no discrimination. Everyone can represent him/her self independently. There is a stick carrot approach to motivate for good work and penalize who shirk the work, one thing I like the most is the appreciation of sir to do better next time.

The atmosphere of Vwin is very positive and motivational so I think this is perfect place to learn with fun.

What does Abhishanka say about Vwin

Vwin is the best institute for English Speaking.In first week I attended my tenses classes. I felt very good because I cleared many of my doubts. The method of teaching was very good. Sir has very good knowledge and he provides us best classes.

I got confidence after joining Vwin. I also feel good attitude and have amassed very good knowledge.

I feel vwin has a very good atmosphere for teaching. I am getting good words, skills day by day. Sir always appreciates us for a positive thinking and speaking English. Article writing improve my writing part and using the good words in our presentation gives us more confidence . Day by day I feel more and more good. . After joining vwin I feel English speaking is easy.

What does Anshul Sharma say about Vwin

My name is Anshul Sharma. I joined Vwin after passing 12th. That time I felt very much that I was very weak in English. After joining it I felt that I was improving in English. After one month my all bad qualities were removed by sir.

I personally felt that Vwin is best personality development institute. Now I am able to speak English and now I have developed many good qualities like positive attitude, present myself effectively before others and so on.

Sir teaches students carefully and he clears all doubts. He has a vast knowledge about various topics and in his subject. So vwin is the best institute to learn English Speaking , reading , writing and listening.

What does Priyanka Mishra say about Vwin

Learning English is very important. Earlier I was too much weak in English. I didn't know the ABC of grammar. Every time I had to eat humble pie in public speaking. At time I got into a soup because of my bad English.

But now I am on the seventh heaven . I can speak in English. By God's grace I found a institute "Vwin" . It influenced me a lot. Then I decided that I have to take admission in this institute here. I learned grammar and acquired lots of vocabulary words. Everyone should join this institute.

Now I am full confident, for me English speaking is not a herculean task. Paresh sir is the trainer. He has the wonderful ability of being able to motivate students. He understands students . His personality is one in a million. He is very calm and inspiring person. When students ask queries he never gets irritated and he answers very politely. I am thankful; because of Vwin I improved my communication skill and got my confidence back. I am fortunate to be a student of Vwin.


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